How is AI Affecting the Digital Marketing Industry?

Tiago Martins
5 min readJul 28, 2023


Artificial Intelligence or AI, now plays a significantly important role in our lives in many ways. AI helped make our world smarter by computing solutions, automating tasks and improving efficiencies.

How is AI affecting the Digital Marketing industry?

For example, you spend time in traffic driving a car to work. AI can help reduce your commute time by giving you real-time data to mapping software to adjust for construction, congestion and accidents. Also, if you rely on ride-sharing apps such as Uber or Lyft, AI can help the service to predict pick-up times and ride times.

Your commute is only one of the many examples in our everyday lives. AI also enhances our daily experiences, especially if you rely on SIRI, Alexa, Amazon, Cortana, Pandora, Netflix and countless others.

Indeed, AI is everywhere!

AI in digital marketing

Today, AI is prevalent in the digital marketing industry as well. It runs in the background while creating content, personalizing websites, boosting the effectiveness of pay-per-click advertising, predicting customer behavior and many more! Marketers quickly realize the benefits of artificial intelligence and its technology. According to Forbes, 84% of marketing companies have been expanding or starting to implement their use of AI and machine learning since 2018.

AI can help businesses improve their digital marketing in two main ways. One way is in the backend, where marketers use AI to predict the demand for specific products, develop customer profiles and many others. The second way is the customer-facing side, where marketers use AI to improve the experience for their customers, which helps strengthen the brand and boost sales numbers.

75% of organizations using AI and machine learning claimed to have enhanced customer satisfaction by over 10%.

3 reasons why AI is essential in digital marketing and improves customer satisfaction

A few significant developments stand out in AI when it comes to digital marketing and elevating the overall experience for your online customers. These include predictive content, chatbot, content creation and image recognition.

Reasons why AI is essential for the marketing industry

These can help deliver more relevant content to your customer, which also helps to improve customer service and support. Here are the technologies you should know and how they may help your business.

Predictive and targeted content

AI can help gather relevant information about customers and prospects and use this data to predict future behavior and develop more targeted messaging. Chatbots can deliver these contents via dynamic content on a web page or by email. Dynamic content can help AI deliver the right email message at the right time based on customers’ past behavior.

By knowing which web pages your customer visited, which articles they read and which emails they’ve interacted with, artificial intelligence can choose the most relevant content for a specific visitor and populate it in an email. A “churn prediction” also helps AI to predict when visitors are moving away from a brand and enables you to offer personalized content that will most likely appeal to and re-engage your customers.


A chatbot is software that can have chats or conversations using AI, which determines the responses. You may have used chatbots while browsing through a site, looking for the answers to your questions. Chatbots offer either auditory or textual conversations, whereas the latter usually appears on your computer screen as a chat window. Also known as messenger bots, chatbots have been labeled as the best marketing channel in 2017.

Indeed, chatbots aren’t going to help you out into the world and market your business. It’s nothing like other marketing channels you’ve used, like emails or ads. Instead, chatbots are practical marketing tools (especially in social media) as they offer customer service, which helps your brand gather data on customers. This also allows you to target your messaging and deliver these targeted messages on your behalf. Chatbots can also move customers through the sales funnel by asking them specific questions, which will help customers find the products they’re looking for.

National Australia Bank (NAB) created a chatbot as a digital virtual banker to cater to their customers and save them time on any administrative work. The software can answer more than 13,000 variations on over 200 questions based on real-life inquiries for answers. The chatbot also answers customer questions 24/7.

Content creation

In digital marketing, there’s always the need for large quantities of content. This isn’t something new, as ever since the dawn of content marketing, people have considered content creation one of the most challenging tasks. It takes time to create quality content and effective marketing may take up much of it. This is where AI comes in, as it can generate some of that quality content for you.

The content may include articles that consist of hundreds to thousands of words that read as if a real human has written them. The generated content can also be more specific such as the subject line in emails or AI-generated language written in social media ads. In either case, the created content is focused on the customer. The content is helpful for the specific customer looking for information without needing to work countless hours as an employee or freelancer does to generate the content.

AI Writing tool — Open AI’s Chat GPT

AI writing has exploded in the past few months following the launch of OpenAI’s Chat GPT. This tool crossed the 1 million users milestone in just under a week! For comparison, it took two years for Twitter to reach a million users.

Open AI Chat writting tool

We’ve been using OpenAI’s latest version (GPT-3), which has come a long way since its Beta launch in late 2020. Today, it’s already transforming how we create content and communicate with customers. In terms of creating content, Open AI allows companies to generate content faster than ever before. Some examples marketers implement include creating blog content by offering topic suggestions, writing style and language, email copy to create quick and accurate emails, copy for social media and so much more! Even though these tools shouldn’t be used to replace human editors or copywriters, they’re still helpful in enhancing your team’s writing capabilities.

Stay on top of the trends with Artificial Intelligence

AI has become an essential part of our daily lives and in our technologies, making it easier for us to get the product or service we want. However, marketers need to adapt the benefits of artificial intelligence to their jobs to improve customer experiences, increase revenue and strengthen brand loyalty. AI is one of the many tools that can help us in digital marketing. Marketers must keep themselves updated on new trends, tools and technologies to stay ahead of the game.



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